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My Journey with Insomnia 

It’s time to regain control of your sleep! As a former sufferer of insomnia, I can relate to sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed, and worrying about how I would be able to function the next day. This became the norm -- rather than the exception-- gradually governing my life. 


Looking back, I can pinpoint the precipitating factors that drove my insomnia over the edge, such as being diagnosed with parasomnia (sleepwalking) as a child and fearing waking up outside my home at night. Then, later on, while taking care of young children and, most recently, going through menopause. I was convinced that it was my fate to battle with sleep and saw myself taking sleep medications for the rest of my life. I am not here to say that CBT-I cured my insomnia since other undiagnosed medical ailments were contributing to my sleep problems.


However, once I learned CBT-I as a clinician, I realized how my behaviors and thoughts perpetuated and worsened my insomnia. If I had previously known about CBT-I, I would have had some relief in my sleep and overall mood and anxiety. I share my background to let you know that I am passionate about sleep and helping others not make the same mistakes I did. My road was long, but now I sleep well and wake refreshed the next day. I do have some nights of insomnia, but they are far between. It is not the bogeyman it was before.


As a licensed mental health therapist, I am versed in treating other mental health disorders in which insomnia is a symptom. However, I witnessed many times how insomnia persisted despite the improvement of other symptoms. Sometimes, insomnia may be a side effect of psychotropic or other medications, and often, the solution is to add a sleep medication to your medication regimen. Even if you need or wish to continue taking medications for sleep, you will have more control of your insomnia than you are led to believe.


If your insomnia is due to unprocessed past experiences, I may suggest adding a few EMDR sessions to your treatment regimen.

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